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COAR Lockbox Conversion

COAR has signed a new contract with Supra for an upgrade to their iBoxes. As stated in prior communications we need your help to ensure that the conversion process runs smoothly and that you are able to convert all of your boxes on site.

To prepare for this upgrade, COAR needs you to verify each of your lockboxes to ensure that all lockboxes you have are accounted for and those missing may be removed from your account. It is extremely important that this process is completed as we have over 8,000 boxes in COAR's inventory and only 5-6 staff who can clean up the records. If your records have not been updated, any boxes that you bring to a conversion site that are not assigned to you, will not be permitted to convert, which is what makes this process so important.

Please follow these steps to quickly update your lockbox records with COAR:

1. Please visit
2. Log in with the information requested on the screen, MLS ID and First Name
3. Go through each lockbox on the list and confirm which is currently in your by checking the box in the column "Confirm"
4. For any boxes on your list that you do not currently have possession of, please check the box in the column "Not Mine" and select an option from the drop-down menu for "What Happened?"
5. When finished, click "Save"
6. Lastly, add the serial number of any boxes you have in your possession that are not on the list

To view a copy of the full e-mail communication please click here.

Any questions or concerns regarding this online system please feel free to contact COAR's Information Technology Director William Thompson at (541) 382-6027 or via e-mail at


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